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Dartek® Films Protecting Precious Artwork

We appreciate the unique demands of transporting and archiving precious artwork and are poised to deliver. Dartek® will protect your valuable items and provide peace of mind.

PERFORM with films that keep your operation humming, have proven high-speed machinability and allow you to attain optimal processing efficiency. 

PROTECT your precious product with custom crafted structures that deliver the highest standard of protection and stand up to the rigors of distribution.


Product List
Dartek® Cast Films

Dartek® Cast Films

Dartek® is soft and conforms well yet is tough enough for high integrity in wrapping and handling. Ideal for storing or transporting paintings and fine art and often used as a membrane on vacuum hot tables used in painting conservation.
  • Absorbs up to 10% of its weight in moisture, resulting in greater pliability over irregular surfaces
  • Provides a barrier to gases, greases, oils and chemicals  to protect artwork
  • Puncture resistant to prevent tearing
  • Excellent clarity to view wrapped pieces

APPLICATIONS: Industrial use

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